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Cultural Transformation Assessment and Consulting

JCL Humanistic Consulting
Barrett Values Centre

Barrett Values Centre

Whereas policies can be similar between companies, values are unique to teams and organisations. Being value driven is central to make a difference inside and outside your organisation. Transform your organisation by understanding and transforming your values as lived by people in your organisations.

Cultural Transformation Tools are proven techniques to enable your organisation to align its culture with its structure and its human resources. Through rigorous, simple and above all uniquely designed questionnaires and cultural assessment, we can spot “gaps” in culture between the individual, group and organisational levels. This offers your organisation a solid ground to individual as well as organisational development. Such development is then combine with the Co-Active® coaching models to empower your organisation towards cultural transformation

Key diagnostics in the CTT® include:

  • Values Alignment: To what degree do the values in the existing culture match the values of employees? Employees aligned with their culture demonstrate greater levels of performance and commitment.
  • Mission Alignment: To what degree is there a match between where the culture stands today and where it needs to be in the future? Employees know what the organisation needs to be successful in achieving its mission.
  • Cultural Entropy: How much energy in the organisation is consumed by doing unproductive or unnecessary work? Higher entropy equals lower employee engagement.
  • Contact me now to know more about Cultural Transformation Tools as well as to design your own Cultural Transformation Tools® and start a Co-active® cultural transformation.