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Work-life assessment and consulting

JCL Humanistic Consulting
3CO: Co-Active Coaching & Cooking

3CO: Co-Active Coaching & Cooking

An effective work-life management is associated with individuals’ motivation, engagement, innovation, creativity, health, vitality, energy and performance that, in return, are resources for organizational success. This casual link has led many organizations to implement work-life programs giving employees more flexibility in their work. But is such flexibility the right and only answer? Actually, research underlines that the effectiveness of work-life initiatives depends on the fit between individuals’ work-life expectations & strategies and the organizational expectations & strategies. The fit is in a sense more important than what the actual expectations & strategies of individuals and organizations.

By consequences, JCL Humanistic Consulting does not take a stand about right and wrong work-life practices and does not offer “ready-make” packages of work-life policies. JCL Humanistic Consulting provides organizations with adapted and unique assessment based on centrality of such organizational-individual fit. JCL Humanistic Consulting really offers adapted and unique support aligned with your unique strategic approach to HR and work/non-work management.

Assessment and consulting includes among those

  • Review of HR strategies, policies & practices in the lens of work-life
  • Assessment of individuals’ expectations & strategies for work-life
  • Measurement of the fit between organizational and individual intention towards work-life
  • JCL Humanistic Consulting is offering you a research-based analysis of your organization, putting my academic scientific research experience at your service. During consulting, we work together and co-create towards excellence. The consulting research-based considers your problematic as the “case study”. Methods are thus adapted to your needs, your possibilities and your constraints and the analysis is based on current research on HR and work-life management

    The consulting approach of JCL Humanistic enables thus unique solutions for the organizations to become sustainable, humane, authentic and healthy.

    Do not hesitate to already contact me for discussing your challenges in making life better for your employees. We will find solutions together.