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Co-Active® Academic COACHING for students

Coaching One to One

Being a student is not always simple. First, selecting a subject and not another for a future and often hypothetical line of career is straightforward. Then studying while also working part-time, developing friendships, taking care of one’s family, starting a love life and even developing a healthy lifestyle are few of the many things students ought to combine nowadays. How to get all so that your academic results support your dream for careers?

As student, you often hear that studying requires 40 hours a week and often here that you made a choice so that you should be interested by the subject. As a co-active coach®, work-life researcher and university teacher since 2001, my belief is that instead of telling, ordering, warning you to ”study 40 hours”, you should get adequate support in managing both studying and living. As a work-life researcher, my conviction is that instead universities using classes to raise your interest for a specific subject, you should get suitable support to reflect about your mission in life and your values that are driving choices in your life, including the current subject choices and the long-term career choices. If your university cannot offer you such support, take the chance to get accompanied by a work-life coach.

As we are all different and unique, I do not believe in traditional career advising and ready-made solutions on how to learn and study. I consider you should develop your self-knowledge and self-awareness of who you are and develop your capacity to envision what a fulfilled life is for you. I also deem that you should develop knowledge, capacity, and skills to balance, integrate, segment and/or combine your study with other activities so that you can reach their life goals, whatever these latest are…

One-to-one Co-Active® Academic COACHING puts you at the centre of the transform of your own self and of your study/non-study management not only for an impact on your current studies but surely to prepare you for the life after studying.

The offer of JCL Humanistic One-to-One Co-Active® COACHING is performed

  • Face-to-Face or Remotely (phone or Zoom)
  • in English, Swedish and French
  • in frame of punctual session or in the frame of a programme
  • at special conditions for private students relations
  • as in the frame of institutional/university support system.

  • Prices

      Private Students* (Inclusive VAT) Institutional Pricing (Exclusive VAT)
    Punctual session From 15€ for 45min From 50€ for 45 min
    Programme 3 months (8 sessions) From 100€ From 340€
    Programme 6 months (15 sessions) From 160€ From 520€
    *ProBono sessions and/or further reductions for programmes under certain conditions