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Work-life one-to-one coaching: Sessions & Programs

Coaching One to One

Making life happened is about performing multiple, recurrent, iterative, parallel, new and old activities in and between work and non-work. Making life happened is like making a puzzle, that is to say have each piece from your work and non-work domains at the right place to enable a whole.

Such work-life puzzling is for some of us a welcoming challenge leading to higher creativity, higher satisfaction, and higher energy and higher life well-being. But for other others it leads to tensions, dissatisfaction, lower health and feeling of lower performance. These are human reactions and there is nothing to be afraid of. However, we are all different and unique so that it becomes difficult for each of us to select relevant “advices”, “guides” and often “ready-made” solutions. It may be demanding to authentically and knowledgeably address challenges and grasp opportnities while making our life happened and developing our unique life puzzle.

Each of us is nonetheless deeply strong, resourceful and craving for change and for a better life puzzle. One-to One Co-Active® COACHING provides you with self-awareness, knowledge, multiple perspectives and reflective spaces to become the authentic and knowledgeable heroic driver of your work, your non-work and your work/non-work experiences.
Co-active trainer

The offer of JCL Humanistic One-to-One Co-Active® COACHING is performed

  • Face-to-Face or Remotely (phone or Zoom)
  • in English, Swedish and French
  • in frame of punctual session or in the frame of a programme.
  • for Private and for Business clients

  • Prices

      Private clients (Inclusive VAT) Business Client (Exclusive VAT)
    Punctual session From 50€ for 45min From 85€ for 45 min
    Programme 3 months (8 sessions) From 300€ From 580€
    Programme 6 months (15 sessions) From 525€ From 1050€