Welcome to JCL Humanistic Consulting

An effective work-life management is seen as one of the keys to individuals’ motivation, engagement, innovation, creativity, health, vitality, energy and performance. Research underlines that the effectiveness of work-life initiatives both at the individual and the organisational level depends on the fit between individuals’ work-life expectations & strategies with the organisational views & strategies.

worklifeAs organisations and individuals are all different and unique, it can become difficult, both for individuals and organisations, to apply so-called best practices, ready-made advices, guides and solutions. It becomes demanding to authentically and knowledgeably address work-life challenges to create working conditions enabling each individual to reach positive work-life experiences.

From a research perspective, combining one’s professional and personal lives has long been on individual's agenda and has been tackled from several perspectives. Even if improvements have been made, something is missing: the humanity and its diversity. I deem that this uniqueness is the strength of any individual and any organisation do that for the society such uniqueness is essential for sustainable humanistic and healthy relationships.

I (Jean-Charles Languilaire, JCL), as work-life researcher but also as trained Co-Active® Coach, but also as Certified Cultural Transformation Tools Consultant, I do take work/non-work well-being to the next level (Learn more...). I focus on how individuals diversely and uniquely integrate and segment their life domains while living in their individual, organisational and societal contexts so that they are the actors of their sustainable work/non-work well-being. This leads to the following mission, vision and objectives of JCL Humanistic Consulting AB..

JCL Humanistic Consulting AB

JCL Humanistic Mission

The work/non-work well-being at the centre of sustainable, unique and diverse humanistic relationships.

JCL Humanistic Vision

Empowering individuals and organisations to become tomorrow's authentic and knowledgeable champions of sustainable work/non-work well-being and our sustainable society.

JCL Humanistic Objectives

  • • Empowering each individual, employee, leader in being the authentic and knowledgeable heroic driver of their sustainable life as a whole.
  • • Empowering each organisation in being authentic and knowledgeable in its quest for work/non-work strategies.

  • Testimonials

    Les séances de travail avec JC m'ont permis de mieux comprendre mes valeurs et mes mécanismes. J'ai acquis de la distance face à ce qui était générateur de stress. Grâce à lui, j'ai trouvé des ressources en moi pour m'orienter.



    Tack för ditt engagemang och din inspiration. Det är mycket roligare att gå till en föreläsning med en ”taggad” lärare.



    Talking to JC is energizing and inspiring. The coaching sessions gave me new perspectives on my work-life puzzle, new ways and strategies to deal with issues I have been struggling with for a long time.More personal, I will never forget the image of the women in red! It helps me to find the strength in myself when I am a bit lost.



    Thanks so much to Estelle and Jean-Charles for an inspiring workshop, opening up for my personal development and goals, in order to maintain and encourage playfulness in my profession.